Chattanooga, TN

BissCom Consulting & Services is a family business based in Chattanooga Tennessee, providing the region and beyond with website development, consulting services, and training. We always have one goal in mind; to make your service organization or small business maximize its chances for success. We accomplish this by creating websites and software that reflect your image and your internal needs. Most of our clients are in service industries or are nonprofits that contribute to the public good. For more than 30 years we have developed digital resources for clients who are often overlooked because of scale or limited budgets.

At BissCcom, we pride ourselves in finding cost-effective ways to meet your needs without compromising on quality.

"I understand the necessity of involving management and end users in developing the tools of the office environment. I am deeply committed to this because I have seen too many examples of people having to adapt to the demands of their software, instead of the other way around. I also realize the importance of staff embracing change positively and seeing it as improving their situation."
- Tom Bissonette, Owner